Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Off To Uganda!

Hi Everyone,
It's finally almost here! After a year and a half of planning and preparation, I will be leaving for Uganda in 10 days! I am totally psyched for my next big adventure!

We'll be meeting up on March 2 in Philladelphia. We'll have two days of orientation there before boarding a bus for JFK where we'll fly out on 4th to Uganda via Brussels and Nairobi. It's then 3 months of language and technical traning before I'll be placed in my village in early June. That's where I'll spend the majority of my 2 years!

Many people have asked me whether I am nervous or anxious about my upcoming trip. The truth is, not at all. I just love being in the developing world so much. The sights, the sounds, the sense of adventure. Being in a totally foreign land is where I feel most comfortable and where I feel most alive. I live for the moment and without any regrets. I am totally happy.

I'm looking forward to sharing with all of you my new adventures. Please check back often as I will be updating this webpage w/ pictures and stories as often as I can!



David said...

Who isn't on your email list?

Camille said...

David and I will miss you, Jon! I am very excited for you though, and can't wait to read about your experiences.

Phil said...

Hey Jon!

I look forward to reading about your experience. I'm sure you'll enjoy it...I'm really digging Ecuador. Thanks for linking to my site. I think I'll do the same here before long....


Meghan said...

I'm looking forward to hearing all about your adventures! Keep us posted, Meghan

jamehl said...

Yay Peace Corps and the MI program!!! Suerte amigo =)

-jess in panama


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